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Laser Alignment

Should be an integral part of your “Proactive Maintenance” regime. We have state-of-the-art tools and our qualified technicians will keep your plant running smoothly.
pruftechnik laser shaft alignment

Laser Alignment: Should be an integral part of your “Proactive Maintenance” regime.

Using Laser alignment will allow precise measurements on machinery, which in turn contributes to reducing your energy consumption over the long term. Badly aligned machines will require more energy to achieve the same results when compared to well-aligned pieces of equipment. Reducing energy consumption is great for your electricity bill, and also for the environment.


Our Tools:

  • Pruftechnik Rotalign Ultra®
  • Optalign Touch Mobility


We aim for running tolerances after thermal growth, as follows;

  • At 4 pole speeds off-sets not to exceed 0.06mm
  • At 2 pole speeds off-sets not to exceed 0.03mm


  • Long coupled rotating plant such as:
  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Turbines
  • Generators
  • Gearboxes
  • Fans
optalign touch
Laser alignment is critical for ensuring the precise alignment of rotating machinery components, belts, pulleys, and shafts.
pruftechnik laser shaft alignment


  • Adaptive Alignment for any maintenance workshop
    Single-laser technology sensALIGN 5 featuring continuous SWEEP mode, Live Move, and InfiniRange
  • Active Situational Intelligence speeds every alignment task
  • WiFi and Bluetooth communication
  • Continuous SWEEP measurement mode: Automatic collection of alignment data during shaft rotation
  • Live Move: simultaneous real-time machine corrections in both horizontal and vertical directions
  • Automatic evaluation of the alignment condition (Dynamic Tolerance)
  • Soft foot check – measure, correct, and save results
  • InfiniRange extends detector measurement range to handle gross misalignment and large coupling separation distances
  • Fully featured with all shaft alignment relevant functions

Common Laser Alignment Questions

What are the benefits of laser aligning a pump and motor?

The main benefits of laser alignment are lowering vibration and power consumption which enhances the longevity of couplings, seals and bearings.

What is soft foot?

Soft foot is when a motor base is not level.  When one or more feet are not sitting level, the motor frame can be distorted and alter the air gap in the motor – causing vibration and harmonic noise. This can be addressed during laser alignment.

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