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Vibration Analysis & Elimination

Quantum Plant Maintenance specialises in finding the source of the vibration or noise and if it is caused by mechanical fault we can eliminate it by repairing or balancing the unit.
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Vibration and noise from rotating plant is always present and sometimes when equipment is either incorrectly fitted, has a mechanical defect or has been placed too close to occupancies or tenancies the effects can cause issues ranging from an irritating sound or vibration to illness from prolonged exposure.

Quantum Plant Maintenance specialises in finding the source of the vibration or noise and if it caused by mechanical fault we can eliminate it by repairing or balancing the unit or we can fabricate and install a solution to ensure that the work or living environment is a pleasant place to be.

We use vibration analysis to quantify the issue in a tangible manner before and after to show the results to your client.

You will be amazed at the difference we can make with our vibration and noise suppression products.

Please contact us on 1300 308 717 for an onsite inspection and quotation.

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Vibration Analysis:



Along with oil sample analysis we can be proactive in solving problems in plant caused by:

  • Poor installation
  • Alignment
  • Balance
  • Looseness
  • Soft foot
  • Electrical Faults
  • Belt wear
  • Eccentric motors
  • Coupling problems
  • Gear Mesh
  • Broken Rotor Bars
  • Resonant Frequency issues


  • Reducing vibration at 1x and 2x shaft speed.
  • Reducing bearing and coupling damage.
  • Reducing mounting and structure fatigue.
  • Optimising energy efficiency.
  • Reducing the effect of thermal expansion.

VIBROPORT 80 and VIBROTEST 80 are the newest generation of portable measuring instruments. They are designed with powerful diagnostics and analysis, balancing and condition monitoring capability, these all-purpose instruments are easy to use and flexible enough for a broad range of applications with modules for specific requirements. The two instruments can perform all of the same functions.


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VIBROPORT 80: With its large screen is perfect for in house measurements, The large screen also allows two-plane polar plots to be easily viewed.

VIBROTEST 80: A more compact, lightweight version of the VIBROPORT 80, this instrument is ideal for field analysis/balancing. It provides fast and easy route-based data collection, monitoring the condition of machines, and balancing.

The VIBROPORT 80 and VIBROTEST 80 come in several ready to use starter packages with optional additional modules available to add on at any time to meet your monitoring requirements.

Common Vibration & Vibration Analysis Questions

What is vibration analysis?

Vibration analysis starts with taking vibration readings on a device that records all vibrations in a selected spectrum range and records displacement, acceleration, velocity and frequency. This assists in accurately pin-pointing the highest vibration in a machine, the speed of the vibration and the component causing the vibration – allowing replacement or repair.

What are the benefits of vibration analysis?

Vibration analysis allows us to improve the machine running condition and reduce bearing and mounting fatigue.  In the case of a tenancy, vibration reduction improves working and/or living conditions for the tenants.

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