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Sydney’s Commercial & Industrial Pump Servicing Specialists

Serving the CBD & Beyond

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We service Sydney's most established Construction Companies, Serviced Apartments and Office buildings throughout the CBD and beyond.

We Service & Repair Industrial & Commercial Pump Systems

We service and repair a wide range of pump systems around Sydney:
  • Groundwater and stormwater submersible pump.
  • Submersible pump systems to handle slurry in concrete plants
  • Sewer systems utilising submersible grinder pumps, munchers, and helical pumps.
  • Pressure pump systems for potable and non-potable water applications
  • Booster pump systems for supporting tank cleaning outages.
  • Intelligent systems for live tank level indications
  • Control systems
We also specialise in:
  • Sustainable rainwater harvesting and recycling systems.
  • Robust sea water pumping systems
  • Heating and Hot Water Circulating Pumps
  • End suction, inline multistage, in-line LP pumps, and split-case pumps tailored for HVAC systems.
  • Specialised diaphragm pumps for transferring highly acidic substances and Class 1 Zone 2 applications
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Sydney-Wide Service

We service commercial and industrial pumps across greater Sydney. Contact us for breakdown emergences, routine servicing and maintenance and planning.
  • A genuine 24-hour, 7-day-a-week breakdown service to address any emergency promptly.
  • Regular maintenance, including Programmed Preventive Maintenance inspection and reporting, to keep your systems in peak condition.

Dedicated Pump Servicing Engineers

Our dedicated team consists of fully licensed electricians and highly skilled mechanical fitters. We bring a wealth of expertise to every project, ensuring that each pump system is meticulously designed, installed, and maintained.

  • First Aid Trained Personnel
  • EBIX Certified
  • Confined Space Experts
  • WPCG Certified
  • Working at Heights 
  • High Risk – Rigging Certified 
Pump Systems and Associated Technologies​

Contact Quantum

For all your pump system needs, trust Quantum Plant Maintenance to deliver cutting-edge solutions with a commitment to excellence.

To explore how our innovative pump systems and technologies can elevate your operational efficiency and reliability, and all sales enquiries, contact [email protected]

Common Pump Systems Questions

What are the warranty terms?

We provide a 12 month warranty for Parts and labour onsite in the Sydney CBD.

Do new pumps need to be primed?

Yes, all pumps must be primed prior to commissioning. Contact us for assistance.

Do you supply flanges / counter flanges?

If requested, we can fit flanges at an extra cost.

Are the pumps tested prior to installation?

Yes, all built pumps are tested.

Do you supply test certificates?

Yes, we can provide test certificates at an extra cost. These are available at 2 different levels of accuracy.

Do you overhaul or repair pumps onsite?

Generally, yes we can carry out repairs onsite. However, pumps must be overhauled and pressure tested at our workshop.

Do you laser align pumps onsite?

Yes, we can laser align pumps onsite once they are installed.

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