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Your Rigging Questions Answered

We’ve put together some of most common rigging and rigging-related questions from our customers and answered them all in one place.

What is Rigging?

Rigging refers to the process of preparing, lifting, moving, and securing heavy equipment or materials using various tools, equipment, and technique

What are the different types of rigging services?

Different types of rigging services include machinery moving, equipment installation, heavy lifting, structural steel erection, crane services, and specialised rigging for industries like construction, manufacturing, and maintenance.

What is the Difference Between Dogging and Rigging?

Dogging typically involves the application of slinging techniques, selecting and inspecting lifting gear, and directing the crane operator during the movement of the load. Rigging involves more complex tasks such as assembling, installing, and securing equipment or structures.

Does Rigging Include Lifting?

Yes, rigging often involves lifting as a crucial component of moving heavy equipment or materials.

How much does rigging cost?

Rigging costs vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the job, equipment required, distance of movement, and duration of the project. It’s typically calculated based on hourly rates or project estimates.

What safety precautions are taken during rigging?

Safety precautions during rigging include thorough planning, proper equipment inspection, ensuring load weight doesn’t exceed capacity, using appropriate PPE, following lifting protocols, securing the load properly, and adhering to relevant safety standards and regulations.

How can I find a qualified rigging company?

You can find qualified rigging companies by researching online, checking industry directories, asking for recommendations from other companies or industry associations, and verifying their certifications, experience, and safety record. At Quantum, we only employ trained, qualified riggers

What factors should I consider when choosing a rigging company?

Consider factors such as experience, qualifications, safety record, insurance coverage, equipment availability, pricing, reputation, and ability to handle specific project requirements. A Quantum, we pride ourselves on our ability to handle complex rigging situations.

Rigging Specific Equipment

How to Safely Rig a Chiller?

Safely rigging a chiller involves assessing its weight distribution, selecting appropriate slings and lifting points, securing the chiller to prevent shifting during movement, and following manufacturer guidelines.

What Equipment is Needed to Rig a Boiler?

Rigging a boiler requires specialized equipment such as slings, shackles, spreader bars, lifting beams, and crane hoists to safely lift and position the boiler into place.

How do you Rig a Cooling Tower in Place??

Rigging a cooling tower involves using cranes or lifting equipment to carefully lift and position the tower onto its foundation, ensuring proper alignment and securing it to prevent movement.

What is the Safest Way to Rig a Large Motor??

Safely rigging a large motor involves using appropriate lifting equipment, ensuring proper weight distribution, securing the motor to prevent swinging or shifting, and following manufacturer specifications.

Are There Any Special Considerations for Rigging Pumps and Turbines?

Safely rigging a large motor involves using appropriate lifting equipment, ensuring proper weight distribution, securing the motor to prevent swinging or shifting, and following manufacturer specifications.

What are Some Common Rigging Mistakes to Avoid?

Common rigging mistakes include overloading equipment, improper sling angles, inadequate securing of loads, lack of communication among team members, ignoring safety protocols, and neglecting equipment inspection.

How Can I Prepare My Site For a Rigging Operation?

Site preparation involves clearing obstacles, ensuring adequate space for equipment and personnel, assessing ground conditions, obtaining necessary permits, securing the area, and communicating with relevant stakeholders.

Can Rigging Companies Handle Confined Spaces for HVAC equipment?

Yes, qualified rigging companies like Quantum Plant Maintenance can handle rigging operations in confined spaces for HVAC equipment, ensuring safety protocols and regulations are followed.

Additional Rigging Questions

What are the Risks of Improper Rigging?

Improper rigging can lead to accidents, injuries, equipment damage, property damage, project delays, and regulatory violations.

What Insurance Does a Rigging Company Need to Have?

A rigging company typically needs liability insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, equipment insurance, and sometimes additional specialised insurance for high-risk projects. It is always a good idea to ask your rigging company about this before work is agreed.

What Regulations Apply to Rigging Operations??

Rigging operations are subject to various regulations and standards such as Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) regulations, Australian Standards for lifting and rigging, Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act, and specific industry guidelines.

How Can I Ensure my Equipment is Properly Rigged for Transport?

Ensure your equipment is properly rigged for transport by hiring qualified rigging professionals, verifying equipment integrity, inspecting rigging gear, securing loads properly, and adhering to transportation regulations.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Professional Rigging Company for HVAC Equipment?

Hiring a professional rigging company like Quantum Plant Maintenance ensures safe, efficient, and compliant handling of HVAC equipment, minimises risks of accidents and damage, saves time and costs, and ensures regulatory compliance.

Quantum Plant Maintenance’s Rigging Services

Does Quantum Plant Maintenance have Experience with Confined Space Rigging?

Yes, Quantum Plant Maintenance is confined space certified and has experience and expertise in rigging operations within confined spaces, ensuring safety and efficiency.

What is Quantum Plant Maintenance’s process for rigging HVAC equipment?

Quantum Plant Maintenance follows a systematic process including site inspection, planning, equipment selection, rigging setup, lifting, positioning, and securing HVAC equipment as per client requirements and safety standards.

Quantum Plan Maintenance: Safe Professional Rigging

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